Monday, December 17, 2012

Soul Surfing School, Maui.

Soul Surfing School, Maui, HI. 

Our Goal: 

To be an outreach for God's Kingdom through surfing, sharing the gospel as we teach young and old the joy of taking their first waves. 

My wife, Tatum, and I are hoping to begin an outreach here on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. We both come from a background of working with Soul Surfing School, Laguna Beach, CA; where we were able to see the difference sharing the Gospel through surfing can make. We hope to begin a similar ministry offering free surf lessons to youth groups, the homeless, the needy, and kids who don't have the funds or the ability to purchase their own gear and lessons. Our main focus will be in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone we ever lend a board to, other focus's will include: the encouragement of getting kids out doors and enjoying part of God's wonderful creation, offering a time of fun and fellowship to churches and youth groups, leading and encouraging other young men and women of faith while giving them the opportunity to participate and work in our outreach. 

Maui is a great place to learn to surf. While most see surf lessons as an opportunity to earn income we see it as an opportunity to share the gospel while having a blast. Our hope is to be able to head to the beach with all the needed gear for surf lessons and teach as many as possible the art of surfing. When lessons, surf time, is over head back to the sand and have a time of prayer and bible study with the participants. 

It'd be so cool to be able to offer this to Maui! Help Tatum and I make this dream a reality, we need your prayers as we begin Soul Surfing School, Maui.



Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thick lil barrels.

Print Size.

Here's one from the summer that I was thinking about the other day... This shot is not from the ocean, but a lake in central california. It was super windy while we were up there and I was watching these awesome mini barrels break down the line. If only I was a lego dood... That's the thickest lipped wave ever!!



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's up?

Since God is so good, and Tatum raised her money to travel with YWAM, It is now time to start saving for Surf Missions trips. The revenue of photos purchased will be put towards Walking On Water and Soul Surfing Camps, Summer 2012. Also It can be put aside for a surf trip being planned for Equador, summer 2013!!

I just wanted to let everyone know what we are doing and I also ask that you all keep praying for us!

Thank you and God Bless!!! :)


Friday, December 23, 2011

Answered Payers!!!

God is so good isn't He! :)

I'm so glad to announce that Tatum raised enough support to continue on with YWAM this winter and head to the mission field herself! She is privileged to go give herself and all her time to help people in need. What a blessing!

Thank you for all the prayers and support making this possible.
Have a Merry Christmas, happy and safe Holidays!

Much love,

Tatum and Nathaniel.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Support! Support!

Alright everyone! Outreach is only 4 weeks away! Can you believe it!! Im so excited and God is providing heaps for me and my team, but I still am short about $2,000 of my outreach funds. This is where I am asking for your help. If you look at any of these photos and feel led to buy one, I would really encourage you to do so. These photos are amazing and Nathaniel is taking a step of faith and allowing God to use His photos for God's glory. What better way to encourage and support us both in this than to buy something so beautiful. Anyways, we only desire your support if God is placing it on your heart to. If you don't feel led or are just unable to, please know that your prayers are more than enough! Love you all and thank you in advance for supporting us and helping me and Nathaniel to further the Kingdom of our Father in Heaven.

Much love!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Opinion.

How much would you purchase the photos for?
I'm very interested to know!

I have Set prices at $75, reason for this is at a printer the cost for a 12x18 matte finish runs about 40$ for a high quality print, which is what I would like to put out, not cheap wal-mart prints. For a couple reasons I am doing that.

1. Supporting local artist Mark Rivard, which in return supports our economy. It's all the hype these days isn't it?! He is my printer and a great artists, something worth our business.

2. I consider my work to be my art, God given, and not taken for granted. I'm not about to send out ok photos to anyone, only high quality prints.

My dilemma is this. If you order a print for $45 and I only get one ordered I will loose money after all costs and shipping. But, I can get 50 prints for $75, so the first print sells for $75, and there after $45. If you have, or are going to purchase a print still set at $75, then you are the first to purchase the photo, and you are the first to support through that image.

Remember, I'm not trying to make a profit off this, I'm trying to get Tatum Gordon $2,600.00 before the end of December.

Anything that goes above and beyond that will be put to non-profit ministries including Snowboard days for underprivileged children in the Twin Cities Metro area, also proceeds are going to be saved for a Missions Surf Camp being planned by Arthur Cachero, Brian Jennings, and myself for fall 2013.
You could be someone to help start our ministry's.

Also, these are not the only photos I have, I just am not sure yet which ones to post for sale.
What would you like to see?

Action Surf, Action Skate, Action Snowboarding, or the posted static shots(which I have a thousands of)?

So, with that, what would you purchase photos for? I really would love to hear from you if you are interested in this program.

thank you all! God Bless and much Love.


To make this post a little better... Enjoy. :)

 Baja Barrel. 

Print Size.

Crashing on the Rocks. 

Print Size.

Jordan Smalls. 

Print Size.

Life Guard Tower, Laguna Beach.  

Print Size.

The Town's Wave. 

Print Size.

Porter Hogan. Thalia St Punt. 

Print Size.

Porter Hogan. Irvine Barrel. 

Print Size.

Sunset on Superior. 

Print Size.

The River. 

Print Size.

Wizard Hoop. 

Print Size.

Rainy Day. 

Print Size.

Thanks so much for looking.