Monday, December 17, 2012

Soul Surfing School, Maui.

Soul Surfing School, Maui, HI. 

Our Goal: 

To be an outreach for God's Kingdom through surfing, sharing the gospel as we teach young and old the joy of taking their first waves. 

My wife, Tatum, and I are hoping to begin an outreach here on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. We both come from a background of working with Soul Surfing School, Laguna Beach, CA; where we were able to see the difference sharing the Gospel through surfing can make. We hope to begin a similar ministry offering free surf lessons to youth groups, the homeless, the needy, and kids who don't have the funds or the ability to purchase their own gear and lessons. Our main focus will be in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone we ever lend a board to, other focus's will include: the encouragement of getting kids out doors and enjoying part of God's wonderful creation, offering a time of fun and fellowship to churches and youth groups, leading and encouraging other young men and women of faith while giving them the opportunity to participate and work in our outreach. 

Maui is a great place to learn to surf. While most see surf lessons as an opportunity to earn income we see it as an opportunity to share the gospel while having a blast. Our hope is to be able to head to the beach with all the needed gear for surf lessons and teach as many as possible the art of surfing. When lessons, surf time, is over head back to the sand and have a time of prayer and bible study with the participants. 

It'd be so cool to be able to offer this to Maui! Help Tatum and I make this dream a reality, we need your prayers as we begin Soul Surfing School, Maui.



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